Sunday, July 31, 2011

Use Visualization To Achieve Success

Visualization works. It’s as simple as that. The more specific you are with your visualizing – the better it works. I spend 20 minutes, 5 days a week visualizing what I want in my life. Take some time right now, close your eyes and relax.

At the beginning you can do this 3 days a week:

I want you to close your eyes and envision in depth your ideal life. Don’t skip through this part of the program. A lot of people think they are bad visualizers. If you think you can’t visualize – I want you to answer this question – what color are your bedroom walls? How do you know this answer? Because you just visualized the color of your walls.

Before you start – I want you to realize that everything that you can visualize – you can have. Your imagination is limitless. When you have a goal, the best way to accelerate its achievement is to visualize it coming true. If you’re about to make a speech, first visualize yourself delivering an amazing speech. Envision the words flowing effortlessly out of your mouth.
Picture the crowd roaring with applause when you’re done. You shouldn’t just use visualization for specific events. You should use it to visualize your perfect life. Make a habit of visualizing your perfect life every day. What kind of home do you live in? What kind of car do you drive? What does your physique look like? What are you doing for a living? If you want to be a surgeon, vividly picture yourself with your lab coat on and a staff of people waiting on your every word. If you want to be a rock star, picture yourself on stage with thousands of people cheering for you. Do this every day. Your subconscious mind will start to guide your life in that direction. It follows your direction. It’s up to you to point it in the right direction by visualizing what you want all the time. Do it regularly and you will see enormous success !

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Super Mind Power - Command it to Transform Your Life

By Steve L Hughes

Do you not wish you had some sort of super mind power so you could transform your life of mediocrity into a life filled with passion, abundance and excitement? Maybe you want to lose weight, fall in love, get filthy rich or travel the world.

Well, guess what? You do have that power. The key is learning how to tap into your super mind. Your mind is capable of feats that you can not even imagine. That is part of the problem. To access your super mind power, you must open yourself to possibilities and believe in your unlimited potential. Belief is the key that unlocks the gate to your inner mind.

You know that super mind power exists. You have seen it in action in your life and have heard dramatic stories of unbelievable synchronicities in the news. Random, uncontrollable events, you say? These feats occur because, for that short period, we unconsciously step out of the way and let the super mind take control. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could create super occurrences at will?

Super mind power is not simply some quirky story plot you read about in a dusty old library book. It is a power you can manipulate to help you achieve success in your daily life. Many people are quietly using these deep powers of the mind to create lives filled with loving soul mates and to find careers that make them eager to jump out of bed each morning.

How can you tune into your super mind power? The tricky part is getting past the gatekeeper known as your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is always filled with fears and arguments. It causes the racing thoughts when you try to meditate. It is probably whispering right now that super powers are nonsense.

As someone interested in esoteric knowledge, you have probably noticed how the world seems to be changing, speeding up in a way. It has been said that today people develop mind powers in a matter of weeks that once were only achieved by solitary gurus after decades of intense mental practices.

Now is the best time in human history to develop your mind power and there are some amazing tools available to assist you thanks to new technologies like binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. You can become a master of your life and put an end to being adrift in the sea of hard knocks. First, you must believe you can. Then you must slip past your subconscious mind and enter the deep mind state where your powers reside.

Little by little, you will see evidence of this mysterious power at work in your life and it will not be long until you are able to command it to do your bidding. Life becomes almost magical when you unleash your super mind power.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Methods That Lead To Greater Self-Confidence

1st List Of Good Qualities
2nd Facing Small Challenges Daily
3rd Identifying Weaknesses and Errors
4th Eliminating Weaknesses
5th Being Satisfied With Oneself

1st - Create a list of your good qualities

If someone has low self-confidence it's usually not because one has no good qualities and no special qualities but because one does not recognize this. Each person can do something particularly well and usually even several things, but because we compare ourselves often with other people we see only their properties and let our fade: "Oh, I am indeed busy and working hard, but here my colleague is much better in dealing with other people "- this would be a typical example of someone who is diligent and does hard work. He already has two properties that make him special.
Take a pen and a sheet of paper, numbering it from 1 - through 10 and write to each number a keyword (or several) describing your good qualities - everyone will find for himself 10 good qualities!

2nd - Everyday Face Little Challenges

Lack of confidence manifests itself in that you "yourself don't trust do to something" - it starts already with small things in everyday life: "Should I make the seller aware that he gave me too little money back"- something that for some people may sound banal, but being for others the hard reality. Confront yourself in everyday life with such situations, you will see your confidence and your self-esteem will increase over time.

3rd - Ask Other People To Drive Attention To Your Faults and Weaknesses

A further reason for low self-confidence is the fear of rejection and dislike from our fellow man and the best therapy, in this case, is the confrontation. Meet with someone you are neutral to (friends and acquaintances would not tell us their honest opinion), they shall show you all your mistakes and weaknesses. This has two advantages, first, you are now faced with the reality and you are being told what is really disturbing about you and not all the fantasies in your head; on the other hand, you will also understand that the opinion of another person is totally unimportant to you - why care about it? I live strictly according to the motto that I am the most important person in my life and with this attitude I am living happier than ever before!

4th - Eliminate Weaknesses

And if by now your weaknesses and faults have been listed to you, you can use them to improve yourself, especially when something has been pointed out that you find disturbing for yourself. Eliminate these annoying weakness and increase your confidence again.

5th - Be Satisfied With Yourself

Very important: Design your life not for others but for yourself! Be satisfied with what you have and do not sell yourself under value - you are at least as much valuable as everyone else!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple Mantra Meditation In Three Steps

I want to introduce you to a detailed guide to meditation with a mantra, including a list of the most important mantras from various traditions.

The vast majority of spiritual traditions are familiar to the meditation with mantras (sacred syllables or words) or mantra-like prayer forms. According to Swami Sivananda, the term mantra denotes a spiritual energy, which is enclosed in a special sound-structure.

Here I am offering a guide to a simple form of mantra meditation in three steps and it can be practiced by anyone.

Preparation: Choose A Mantra

Choose a mantra that appeals to you. Possible mantras:

* "Om" (The Symbol of Absolute Consciousness)
* "Shalom" ("Peace")
* "Aham Brahmasmi" ("I am Brahman")
* "Soham" ("That's Me")
* "Om Namah Shivaya" ("I bow to Shiva")
* "Om Mani Padme Hum" ("Om, The Jewel in the Lotus", "The Universal Spirit")
* "Allahu Akbar" ("God is Great")
* "Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim" (In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful)
* "I am who I am"
* "Be still and know I am God"
* A name of the divine as Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Allah, Krishna, Rama, Durga and so on.
* It is also possible to meditate on the name of one's spiritual teacher (Guru).

Mantra Meditation In Three Steps

After you have chosen a mantra, sit down with eyes closed for meditation and chant the mantra for the next twenty minutes. The Indian Yogi Swami Shivananda mentions in his book "Japa Yoga" three different forms of recitation. These are now being applied in three steps.

1st Close your eyes and begin repeating the mantra, first with an audible voice (speaking or singing).
2nd After a few minutes go over to a silent form of recitation. Reduce the volume to a whisper and finally just move your lips without audible noise.
3rd Now recite the mantra purely in thought without speaking or moving your lips.

Dealing With Digressive Thoughts In Meditation

Now repeat the chosen mantra for the further duration of the meditation without really straining or tensing. Once you are conscious about having digressed with your thoughts just head back to the mantra. It can be helpful to register very briefly the kind of distraction in your mind, but without lapsing into self-judgement or even self-criticism. Digression is in the nature of the mind. Even in everyday life it is a necessary and useful feature but can also be a source of great unrest and dissatisfaction.

The meditation with a mantra leads to greater awareness regarding the tendency of the mind to wander and digress. Meditation increases your ability to concentrate and also your mental clarity. If you want to practice meditation much patience is needed. However, even for beginners, meditation can be beneficial and enjoyable. For many people it is also a way to come into contact with the deeper aspects of themselves.

Coming Out Of Meditation

Stop the mantra recitation after about 15 to 20 minutes and sit in silence for some minutes. You can just enjoy the silence or pay attention to inspiration or an inner voice. The silence is sometimes referred to as the voice of God and many meditation masters are convinced that in silence we can come into contact with our inner, divine essence. Spiritual masters like Ramana Maharashi praised the silence as the most powerful form of spiritual practice.

If you practice regularly you can drive many benefits into your life. Your mind will become calm and crystal clear. You will conquer any kind of unrest and become more creative. It is for sure that your life will change for the better in a way that you probably never have imagined before. Due to regular practice my life changed for the better in a very short amount of time. That has given me peace of mind and has improved my relationships with others. Now I have much more success in my life. You should practice it as it will definitely improve your life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What helps with anxiety ?

What helps with anxiety and how to cope with the fear or even defeat it forever? For this question no one should be ashamed, because fear is a human emotion like love or compassion. Anxiety for many people is an almost insurmountable obstacle which is standing in their way to find happiness.

Anyone who knows how to cope with his fears, also understands how to be happy.

Every person has the emotion to feel fear. Some people also cope with extreme situations (accidents, abuse, etc.), without subsequently suffering. Others in turn respond totally constrained and completely draw back, as soon as they feel threatened by a relatively common situation (criticism, failure, rejection ...).

However, there are ways and means to deal with fears and step by step you should acquire some character traits like courage, confidence, casualness, immunity, and a certain coolness:

1st Healthy Lifestyle: Do not use caffeine and other stimulants, because they push the body and mind and provide for adrenaline. The consumption of tobacco (causes shortness of breath) and alcohol (only temporarily alleviates anxiety and accumulates fear in the long run) must be minimized.

2nd Discard Compulsions: Ask yourself whether all the everyday and unloved activities are really necessary. Try to get under control these constraints piece by piece and finally try to omit doing them completely. You will soon come to the certainty that there is no disaster if you stop your habitual tasks.

3rd Positive Thoughts: Fears are often caused by bizarre and terrifying fantasies. You must turn off these automatic thoughts by replacing them with optimism. Thoughts like "I can not manage it" should convert to "I am able to manage the situation". In real stressful situations you should take advantage of your positive thoughts: For some time try to catapult yourself into your own personal land of dreams.

4th Sports and Exercise: Many people shy away for fear of physical activity. This is a big mistake, because through sports you can abreact accumulated stress easily. Through regular exercise you will also increase confidence in your physical abilities and thus your overall confidence.

5th Mental Training: Just as the body you can also train your mind and thus make it more powerful. Look for specific and demanding tasks where you already possess some competence. In time try to take over more responsibility in fulfilling these tasks.

6th Breathing, Posture and Massage: These three elements are extremely important for physical and mental well-being. Perform regular relaxation and breathing exercises. Meditation, Tai Chi, or Yoga are excellent additions to provide proper breathing and will relieve your muscles of tension. The correct position is as follows: The chest is stretched and the back straight, the lungs and internal organs are relaxed.

7th Keep Patience: Remember that you are in the middle of a training program and the success can be achieved only with setbacks. You have to accept these setbacks and if possible keep a journal in which your successes are recorded.

8th Distraction: If a sudden panic attack overwhelms you, try to bring about a quick change in the situation. Seek for a seemingly illogical action to defeat your fears: clean your face with cold water, take a shower, go jogging, listen to loud music, sing, count as fast as possible from 100 to 0, run computational tasks in thought, try to formulate simple phrases in a foreign language, etc. Be creative.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Find Spiritual Awareness Through Meditation

How I Find Spiritual Awareness Through Meditation by Anna Wehr

Is a Spiritual Awakening Possible?

Many people wonder how they can renew their lives and have more awareness where spiritual matters are concerned. For some, the term psychic isn't necessarily something that is used, as opposed to the natural awareness that almost everyone has. It is thought that everyone is spiritually aware, or psychic, to some extent. Certain people hold different types of gifts, but they are all equally as important as the last and many people need to attune themselves to get in touch with their inner gifts. It's true that there are many ways to go about spiritual awakening, however, one of the most useful tools available has to be meditation.

Thinking About Spiritual Awareness

If you are thinking about your spiritual awareness and are wondering about how to further attune yourself to the spiritual world, meditation will be your first step. Many professional psychics and mediums will say that you cannot further your spiritual journey or awareness until you can quiet your mind in meditation. This type of art revolves around the act of completely relaxing your body and letting your imagination go wild. Many people think that meditation is not easy to do and that it is something for only professionals to work on. The truth of the matter is that spiritual meditation can be very easy to do and its effects can do wonders for your natural psychic.

The Goals on the Inside as Well as the Outside

You needs to become aware of the internal goals in addition to the external goals that you set out for yourself. The two enhance each other. If we were to sacrifice the internal ones, such as contentment and peace, to throw ourselves madly at an external goal, such as a promotion, the promotion will not taste as sweet. You will not be able to enjoy it. Conversely, if you are not achieving or striving toward your exterior goals, like a growing a beautiful garden, your internal happiness will whither as well.

Spiritual Meditation is the Answer

To meditate properly, you will want to completely relax in a sitting position or you may want to lay down on a bed. Some people find that music is helpful when trying to relax the mind. During this phase, you will want to completely clear your mind of any thoughts. This includes both negative thoughts and positive ones. You should feel completely relaxed and your body should not be tense at all. After your mind is cleared, just take whatever comes. Some people find this state to be similar to the REM state of sleep while others feel that they are fully awake and coherent. If you are looking for some type of psychic answer to a question you have been asking, the answer may come to you in this relaxed state. Just be sure to keep your mind open and take whatever comes. If a thought enters your mind that has to do with normal life, just focus on your breathing and clear your thoughts further. Meditation can be a useful tool for any person who wishes to become more aware.

Anna Wehr is a self-appointed alternative-fitness fanatic. She finds great websites that help her stay healthy and shares them. A great one looks into spiritual awareness practices and where to find guided meditations for beginners.

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